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Old r5 

Most of the people on here saying that they miss the old R5 have only been here for a little bit. You weren’t here when Rydel had tutus, Ratliff had long hair. Before they got signed, before they even had a west coast tour! When they matched the colors were perfectly matching. When it was easy to get tweets from from. Talking to them on Facebook. When they sang DNA, Baby It’s You… And so much more. I miss the old R5 a lot and I missed the fan base. When there wasn’t that many of us and we all got along with no drama. And then most of the new fans think you know everything, and start all the shit in the fandom and it pisses us off because we never had any of this! Don’t get me wrong I love new fans, just don’t act like you have been here for years and DON’T START DRAMA! I’m sorry I had to get that out!

You’re gonna go through ups and downs in life, some might be a good thing and others may not. You just have to remember to move on forgive and that you always have someone their for you. Just remember to smile because it works in the end. πŸ’•

Happy New Year’s Eve.
Today just a year ago was one of the happiest days of my entire life no lie. I met and spoke to the people I look up to for the very first time in person. That’s a feeling that can’t be described until it happens to you. Standing outside in 20 degree weather for 10 hours and being front row was 100% worth it!! It took 2 years to finally get to see them and they took my breath away. Being able to speak to the people you look up to is just an amazing feeling. Giving them a hug for the first time when I never thought I would be able to. This day was absolutely Incredible I made so many great memories and met 5 of my bestfriends here, who would of thought!!
It still doesn’t feel real that I have seen them in concert yet again even met them.
2013 was a good year for me well when it comes to bands ;) I got to meet these people 2 times this year. But I couldn’t of had that chance if it wasn’t for my parents!!
This was an experience that will never ever be forgotten I mean I remember ever little detail from this show and even the conversations. #newyears #r5 @alexbrooks4 @maddie_noll @lucyraftery @bethanyhanzir @ilover5_ @rydelr5 @rossr5 @rylandr5 @rikerr5 @rockyr5 @ratliffr5 @kaitlynmiller22 @thecaitlyngrace @pgoldsmith7 @stormielynchr5 πŸ˜˜πŸ’™

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